Reprint from November 30, 2016

Scripture Text: 2 Peter 1:3–11

The Holy Spirit calls us to faith through the Word, and thereby grants us eternal life. The promises of God have already been gifted through belief in the promise. To this we are to add the qualities of faith

The Large Catechism – part 125

Scripture Text: Zechariah 14:6–7

Frankly, things look practically dark. It is difficult to look at the world and think otherwise. Look at all the young people out there who did not learn enough sense from their parents...

The Large Catechism – part 124

Scripture Text: Ephesians 1:15–18

True holiness and enlightenment is that which receives its righteousness and revelation from the living Christ, rather than trying to squeeze piety and secrets from the dead husk of works and religion.

The Large Catechism – part 123

Scripture Text: Ephesians 1:3–10

We are the workmanship of God, and have been created in Christ for good works. Though God’s grace saves us through faith in Christ Jesus, we are nonetheless, expected to bear fruit...

The Large Catechism – part 122

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 3:10–11

“I will give up heating this year for God! He will respect me for that sacrifice and grant me entrance at heaven’s gates.” As some old friends of mine used to say mockingly, “Let me know how that works out for you.”

The Large Catechism – part 120

Scripture Text: Revelation 13:5–10

Those who depend upon their works instead of their hope and faith in the great work of Christ Jesus have already bowed to the beast. In doing so, they have knelt before the dragon...

The Large Catechism – part 119

Scripture Text: Revelation 12:17

It is not easy to be a child. Nor is it easy to be followers of Christ, his church. One may, at first, imagine the difficulty lies in keeping the commandments—for who can do so with the slightest measure of perfection?

The Small Catechism – part 145

Scripture Text: Matthew 16:16–17

I do not believe in God by way of my reason, decision, determination, or strength. I come to God through God. It would be quite impossible to come to God by way of my own understanding.

The Large Catechism – part 118

Scripture Text: Luke 11:27–28

How ironic that we consider the Fourth Commandment while reading today’s gospel lesson. A woman in the crowd seeks to honor the mother of Jesus, and Jesus improves upon her blessing...

The Large Catechism – part 117

Scripture Text: Luke 11:23

We cannot imagine how something could be so; the Lord surely did not mean it that way. Perhaps it was just a man writing down his own thoughts that came to be considered The Holy Bible.

The Large Catechism – part 116

Scripture Text: Luke 10:25–28

Even Jesus obeyed the commandment to honor his earthly parents, as well as his heavenly Father. Honoring one’s parents is an extension of the greatest commandment.

The Large Catechism – part 115

Scripture Text: Micah 4:2

Feeling angry, arrogant, rebellious? Would you vent your frustrations on the Lord using insolent words? Of course not; you should not do so with your parents either.

The Large Catechism – part 114

Scripture Text: Luke 10:2

The harvest begins at home. Knowing how the kingdom laborers will be limited, God orders matters efficiently from the outset. There are two workers assigned to each of us so that we may each be properly gathered into his harvest.

The Large Catechism – part 113

Scripture Text: Luke 9:59–60

We should regard our parents with the greatest respect, for this is our duty before God. Whether we like them or not, or even if they do not treat us well, they are to be honored because God commands us to do so.

The Large Catechism – part 110

Scripture Text: Acts 27:11

You may think that Paul’s warning to the centurion was not inspired. Yet, see how it finds its way into Luke’s account, into the Scripture? There is great danger in not paying attention to biblical counsel.

The Large Catechism – part 109

Scripture Text: Luke 8:40

Does it seem to you that some time has passed since you have heard from the Lord? Or, on the other hand, does it seem like it was only moments ago that God spoke?

The Large Catechism – part 108

Scripture Text: Luke 9:28

Who was hounded by the devil more than Jesus? Now ask yourself: who has ever prayed more? Knowing the need, Jesus modeled the life of prayer to his disciples.

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