Concerning Justification, part 50

Scripture Text: Matthew 7:24–27

Justification is no idle dream among Christians. The Church stands upon the promise of God in Christ Jesus. Otherwise, we have built the Church on sand. But the Church has built its house on the Rock.

Concerning Justification, part 48

Scripture Text: Romans 5:1–5

The idea that faith only comes into existence when it is formed by love is contrary to Scripture. Faith comes first, as a free gift of God. Only then do virtues like love begin to develop.

Concerning Justification, part 46

Scripture Text: Colossians 2:11–14

The bill is overdue. Ignoring it does not help a bit. It looms over you and you know that your service is about to be cut off. In the same way, our sin has put us in debt.

Concerning Justification, part 45

Scripture Text: Isaiah 53:5–11

Jesus was pierced for our “transgressions.” He bore the discipline that was our due, eternal death. Though we strayed, he went willingly to slaughter, knowing that his death would mean our life...

Concerning Justification, part 44

Scripture Text: Habakkuk 2:1–4

William Temple said, “If we are traveling heavenward, we are already in heaven.” Our lives have already been transformed in a heavenly way. More than that, we are so assured of eternity...

Concerning Justification, part 43

Scripture Text: Acts 4:11–12

The Rymans are a pretty decent bunch of folks. You should have met my grandfather. He was a great man in my book. But salvation is not available to me in the name of Fred Ryman, nor in the name of Ryman—the whole of my lineage.

Concerning Justification, part 42

Scripture Text: Acts 13:38–39

Verse 39 of today’s Scripture reads in the English as either justified” or “freed.” The older the translation, the more chance there is that it will read “justified.” It is a legal term...

Concerning Justification, part 41

Scripture Text: John 3:16–18

If God expected us to save ourselves, we would be condemned before we begin. Even if we were capable of doing enough good moral, civil, and religious works to cancel out our sins, we would still be sinners.

Concerning Justification, part 40

Scripture Text: Galatians 2:15–16

Having been a devout Jew, a Hebrew among Hebrews and as to the law, a Pharisee (Phil 3:5), the Apostle Paul would never have let a phrase like “faith justifies” slip out unwittingly.

Concerning Justification, part 39

Scripture Text: Romans 3:21–28

The key phraseology of Paul is “through faith” or “by faith.” He mentions it 31 times. Not only Paul though, since James and Peter each use the phrase once, and the writer of Hebrews uses it 24 times.

Concerning Justification, part 38

Scripture Text: 1 Corinthians 1:30–31

Our lives come from God. Every good and perfect gift comes to us through the Father. (James 1:17) Well, except salvation and righteousness; we must work for those. No! Heaven forbid!

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