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It's All About Jesus

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is about Jesus. Everything we believe translates into what we do. And what we do begins and ends in worship. The ultimate act of worship is, ironically, passive. The highest form of worship is listening to God, and we do so in hearing his Word in the Holy Bible. We believe that hearing his word in that book is the same as if God stood before us in the flesh, speaking to us. That is why we gather on Sunday mornings and at other times: to hear God speak and respond in hymns of praise and prayers of thanksgiving, and finally to receive Christ Jesus’ Sacrament of Holy Communion, the living grace of God present in bread and wine, Christ’s body and blood. 


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Rev. Mark Edwin Ryman serves as Interim Pastor for St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Salisbury, NC. Previously, Ryman has pastored other congregations in North Carolina and Ohio, as well as served on the staff of the North American Lutheran Church, and on the Board of Regents for the North American Lutheran Seminary.

Pastor Ryman is also Production Editor for Sola Publishing, a position that includes editing and designing Connections Magazine, contributing material for SOWeR, an online worship resource, and SEED, an online education database, writing daily devotions based on the Lutheran Confessions, as well as printing Sunday School resources, Bible studies, VBS materials, and other books for Sola.

Mark was born in Springfield, Ohio, as was his wife, Susan. They have been married for 42 years. The Rymans live in Mebane, NC, with their two cats, Vernors and Luther. They have two daughters, Cristin and Miriam, and three granddaughters, Corinne, Juliet, and Piper.

Susan retired from a 23-year career at Duke University, only to bring her experience to Sola as their Business Manager. In 2018, she was instrumental in moving Sola from Minnesota to North Carolina, where Sola now occupies the old post office in Swepsonville, a few miles south of Graham and six miles west of the Ryman’s home. 

Susan and Mark are graduates of Ohio Wesleyan University where they each majored in English Literature. Mark also received the Master of Arts in Theology from Houston Graduate School of Theology, and the Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies and Theology from Carolina Graduate School of Divinity. He is presently writing his thesis for the Doctor of Ministry in Stewardship of the Word through Saint Paul Lutheran Seminary and Sioux Falls Seminary.


Susan Stone is our Music Director and worship accompaniest. 


The North American Lutheran Church (NALC) is a fast-growing Christian church in the Lutheran tradition, uniting more than 142,500 Lutherans in more than 430 congregations across North America. The NALC embodies the theological center of Lutheranism in North America and stands firmly within the global Lutheran mainstream.

We are a church family committed to the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God. In keeping with the Lutheran Confessions, we believe all doctrines should and must be judged by the teaching of Scripture.

The NALC has embraced four core values which shape our common life: Christ Centered, Mission Driven, Traditionally Grounded, and Congregationally Focused. We are a church centered on the unique Gospel of Jesus Christ, animated by missions and evangelism, grounded in the 2,000-year tradition of Christian faith, and organized chiefly to serve our congregations.

A renewed Lutheran community moving forward in faith, the NALC is focused on living out Christ’s Great Commission to go and make disciples in North America and around the globe. We invite you to learn more about our church family.