Daily devotions are posted at the bottom of our home page. You may also subscribe to an email of the devotions. Each devotion includes a Scripture graphic and audio, so you may listen instead of read (or as you read). Each devotion includes four sections:

From the Word: An original translation from The Holy Bible is found under the Scripture graphic. 

From the Confessions: A brief exerpt from The Lutheran Confessions, written by Lutheran reformers in the 16th Century, is updated for modern readers.

Pulling It Together: A paragraph or so connects the passages of Scripture and Confessions. 

Prayer: A brief prayer concludes each devotion (unless you listen to the audio where there is also a benediction).

From what I can tell as a Lutheran pastor, the theology of the Lutheran Confessions is largely lost to the church today and for that reason, many Lutherans are rudderless in the vast ocean of the Word. We may read the Bible but unless we have a guide, we are often inclined to go in any direction and end up at odd shores of interpretation. Historically, our guide has been The Book of Concord. That collection of documents, written in the 16th century, has guided Lutherans for hundreds of years in what we confess the Scriptures mean.

I am convinced that the only way to keep renewed Lutheran bodies from ending up on the reefs is to know why we believe what we confess. It is my hope and prayer that the Holy Spirit might use this multi-year devotional project (now in it's sixth year) to teach Lutherans both the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions in a manner that is accessible but challenging, while sustaining and growing the faith of our congregations. 

— Pastor Mark E. Ryman

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